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We believe

We believe in software generation over manual development.

Your benefits

So you can gain fast and reliable access to all sorts of data and information and better use the talents of your staff by automating the tedious repetitive tasks.

How we do it

By focusing on models and patterns.
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At lower cost and higher quality with reduced throughput time.

What drives us

W e believe that people want to maximise their talents. They want to have a working environment where they can create value with others, and to connect with co-workers and find ways to complement one another. Thus creating synergy.
W e truly feel highly educated people want to spend their energy on finding creative solutions, realizing those efficiently and effectively as part of a team. They do not want to spend their valuable time on boring, repetitive tasks that nevertheless require all their attention to avoid errors.
W e offer software and services that generate solutions based on standard patterns wherever that is possible. We support specification of exceptions where standard patterns do not apply. Our aim is to deliver software that helps reducing the overall throughput time of delivering solutions.
O ur software improves the quality of these solutions and at the same time lowers overall cost. This is achieved by (re-)generation algorithms based on best-practices and by eliminating human errors. We complement existing third-party products and services via our open systems architecture.

Meet our team!

General Management

product owner

Peter Kurstjens

Business Development

project manager

Pieter Rambags

Sales and Operations

project manager

Maarten Ketelaars

Backend Development

lead architect

Maarten Manders

Frontend Development

pre-sales consultant

Mark Cattenstart

Backend Development


Marcel Hintzen

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What is a Quipu

A Quipu is a simple record-keeping device that was used in the ancient Inca culture. The system contained numbers and other values, similar to the way in which a data warehouse records your business data. The Quipu consisted of cords with knots to distinguish between the various types of data. Using simple variations in length, colour and knot position, the ancient Incas recorded their most valuable information with the Quipu.

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