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October 25, 2019
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January 8, 2020

December 2019

Quipu new use cases

QUIPU4 was launched in April 2019 at the BI & DW Summit. During the launch, the team behind QUIPU4 promised that the new modular approach would enable the quick development of modules with new functionality for use by clients. This blog focuses on yet another two features that were delivered shortly.

Model-to-model transformation
QUIPU4 is a platform that supports model-to-model transformation. This is how the product sets itself apart from other commonly accepted ETL tools and other data warehouse automation tools. Although such tools usually work well as far as the transformation and manipulation of data at the entity or attribute level is concerned, they lack the support needed to define and develop transformations at the model level. It is at this higher level that patterns can be found and applied, and therefore can be generated. According to QOSQO, this results in a much more efficient way of developing new data solutions quickly.

Use case: copying diagrams
In response to requests from many clients, it is now possible to copy diagrams. This eliminates the need for unnecessary manual work and accelerates the development process of data solutions.

A diagram can be copied in two ways: 1. A copy of the diagram is drawn, whereby the copied objects refer to the same objects in the repository. When changes are made to the parameters of the objects in one diagram, the parameters of the objects in the other diagram are also changed. 2. A copy of the diagram is drawn, whereby the copied objects contain the parameters of the objects from the original diagram. However, changing these parameters will not result in changes to the parameters of the objects in the original diagram.
Use case: Global variables
From now on, QUIPU4 has global variables that can be defined at the application level and then used in data container and module configurations. In fact, you can use these variables to define everything that previously had to be entered multiple times in the different diagrams. This means that typing errors can be eliminated. Moreover, it makes maintenance easier.
For more information, a white paper and a comprehensive manual visit Interested in QUIPU4? You can request a free, one-month trial licence on our website. If desired, we can arrange for a demo.
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