QUIPU 4 features

visual model flow designer

Visually design your desired architecture using ready-to-use building blocks, and run directly from within the visual designer to generate models and code.

template based code generation

Generate reliable code optimized for any target platform by using templates. Edit once and re-apply many times to produce high-quality code.

code free development

Quipu generates models and code based on patterns without writing a single line of code

SQL and BIML code generation

Make use of SQL optimised templates. Rather use BIML? No problem, we have templates for that as well.

visual paradigm model import and export

Using our Visual Paradigm extension you can export models to QUIPU and import models from QUIPU into Visual Paradigm.

export diagrams to PDF

Easily export visual diagrams to PDF for documentation or sharing purposes.

import models from Excel

Use the power of Excel to make bulk changes to models by exporting to Excel and importing the changes into QUIPU.

multiple diagrams

QUIPU allows for creating multiple diagrams with visual flows. Use a diagram to visualize a complete flow, or use multiple flows to show parts of a flow separately. Any diagram is possible.
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