module based

Pattern based implementations are contained in modules that run on the QUIPU platform providing new functions and features fast.

visual dataflow design

Dataflows can be designed visually by linking components on screen.

web-based interface

Access QUIPU from anywhere, anytime using your browser.

cloud-based saas

QUIPU can be hosted in the cloud reducing maintenance overhead.

on-premise installation

QUIPU can easily be installed on own servers if desired. Giving full control.

built-in versioning

Internally QUIPU keeps track of changes to models using versioning. A custom version number can be added to every object for documentation purposes.


Multiple users can log in using QUIPU with their own configuration and preferences.

micro services architecture

QUIPU is developed with a micro-services architecture in mind. This allows for a more agile development process and more flexibility in scaling.
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